Writings on Child Development and Psychology

Eli reading, conte crayon on toned paper. Click to visit Eli's website.

Eli reading, conte crayon on toned paper. Click to visit Eli’s website.

Dr. Carolyn Newberger’s professional writings have appeared in professional journals, books, popular magazines, and newspapers. Her writings include work on parental conceptions and development as well as analyses of the state of American children, research reports on studies of children that have been abused, and commentary on issues leading to and deriving from the abuses of children.

She has also appeared widely on local and national television, including two appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Click for an Oprah Scoop that included Carolyn’s commentary on sexual abuse.

Essays and Memoirs

These writings have flowed from Carolyn’s personal experiences and reflections. They often concern experiences and events that illuminate larger issues in all our lives, such as generativity, our own and our loved one’s aging, and the passions and perils of relationships. Told with humor and a light touch, these stories often evoke laughter through tears.

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